College of Foreign Languages (CFL)

1. About CFL

Founded in 1993 as Foreign Language Department, College of Foreign Languages came into being in 2004. The College has three specialties, Business English, Applied English and Applied Japanese with over 1100 students, 53 teachers (with 23 fulltime and 30 parttime teachers). Teaching staff of the College are with double quality and the students educated in the platforn plus direction mode. A panel of business and teaching experts are summed to set up the Specialty Guidance Committee.The College owns 1 important specialty, 2 excellent courses, 3 specialty leading teachers and 6 core teachers operating in 4 inside lab and 19 outside practice base.

With its advantages of foreign languages, the College tries to promote foreign exchange of culture and business cooperation for the city of Kaifeng, undertaking reception and translation for foreign delegations to the city, sending staffs overseas and employing foreign experts. Student groups, such as English Club and Business English Communication Association and Sakura Association are set up to organize English speech contests, English confrontation contests and Weekend Cultural Square so as to enhance the studentsí» abilities.

CFL is committed to international exchange and cooperation. It has become a window through which the Chinese traditional culture of  Kaifeng and the rest of the world view each other. Each year, CFL receives visitors and friendship delegations from various countries. It sponsors and hosts dozens of English teaching & reearch conferences and symposiums annually. It has established partnership with academic institutes in countries such as Japan, Australia, and New Nealand.

2. Teaching & Research

1) Divisions for CFL

Led by the Dean and Vice Dean, CFL is divided into five working branches responsible for different duties. Administrative Office is responsible for affairs work of and the arrangement of  activities for CFL. It helps the leaders to organize meeting and put the decision item into effect. Language Training Lab is a branch whose work is to provide technical assistance to language teaching in the language lab and to maintain the language training equipment in its proper use. Business English T&R Section is to manage teaching for business English majors and to organize teaching research for major and course construction. Applied English T&R Section is to manage teaching for applied English majors and to supervise teaching research for the course. Applied Japanese T&R Section is to maintain and supervise teaching for applied Japanese majors and to organization teaching and research for the development for the major.

2) Virtual Classroom

Communication in a virtual classroom goes by means of electronic media like in an existent school. Students in a virtual classroom acquire language knowledge and skills by studying movies, texts, pictures, and by accomplishing various home assignments. Subsequent discussions help students to deepen their knowledge, develop their language and critical thinking skills. Discussion forums, chat rooms, voice mail and e-mail are often used for communication.

Online tutoring is the process by which knowledge, skills and experience are passed on from a tutor to a student over the Internet. It is a good way of starting up your own ESL business without the need for a lot of capital investments. Many of the resources that you need are available online. The most important quality is to understand the subject matter and to have an enthusiasm for giving out what you know.

3. campus life

1) The Studentsí» Associations Union

Since its establishment, the Studentsí» Associations Union of CFL has always been giving play to its three advantages, namely, orderly operation, efficient communication, and status as the platform for information distribution. It commits itself to strengthening the exchange and communication among the Associations Unions of various colleges, and forging a unique and excellent culture of the associations.

2) The English Association is one of the oldest associations in CFL. The Association hopes that its staff and members will find their place in the association, savor the beauty of English, and experience the fun of learning English. The regular activity of the English Association is the English Corner, which has attracted students from other college of KFU. Major contests like English Speech Contest and Comprehensive English Contest have been held for over 10 years.

3) the Loving Heart Society

The society consists of an office, a liaison department and a publicity department, members of which all focus their attention on providing part-time jobs to students in need and staging charitable activities. The Society has already made remarkable headways. It organizes students at to volunteer on blood donation buses, and pays visits to stay-at-home children countryside. Recently, the Loving Heart Society co-held a charity sale to raise money for sick people.

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